Did you know Actavis Generics was formerly Watson Pharmaceuticals? This manufacturer rebrabd3d after acquiring Allergan Inc. This global company is known for development, manufacture and distributing pharmaceuticals. This subsidiary has been in existence since 1984. It began operations in Libertyville. Their innovative culture was spearheaded by Allen Chao as the founder.

They manufacture both generic and over the counter drugs. Actavis sells its products to consumers in more than a hundred countries in the world. Even though its worldwide headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland, all major administrative duties are performed from New Jersey in the United States. The main selling point of the generic drugs that the manufacturer is that they are available to the consumer at competitive rates. For instance, the generic Phentermine that they make has proven to be effective for weight loss.

The company owns many big brands finding application in medical fields such as body aesthetics, CNs, female reproductive health and even in heart-related diseases. If you’ve used Botox, you’ve used one of their products. They manufacture numerous pharmaceutical products with Linzess leading when it comes to sales. The company is currently conducting advanced research in the central nervous system – the section of our body that harmonizes the five common senses. They are making progress on understanding how brain disorders work and how medical knowledge can be used to cure and prevent them.

Generic and Brand

Consumers highly perceive their products. No wonder they have at least 300 retailers scattered across various countries. When developing generic products which are patented outside the U.S, it acquires licensing through Medis. As we speak, they have more than 200 products in the market. The company prides itself in manufacturing health products that truly transform lives.

Apart from manufacturing generic drugs, they also make biosimilar products. What are these? Biosimilar products are drugs that have a similar biological composition with others. They have to be approved by the FDA to ensure that they are as effective and as safe as the products they imitate. Actavis majors in creating biosimilar products that have therapeutic application.

This company is huge with 40 manufacturing plants in various countries throughout the world. They are arguably among the top a hundred leading manufactures of pharmaceutics. They manufacture all sorts of drugs from pills and capsules to semi-solids, from injectables to transdermal. Their facilities are located in Australia, Thailand, and Romania just to name a few countries. They currently employ more than 22,000 workers.

About two years ago, Actavis rebranded to Allergan. However, they still operated using their old name in Canada and USA. They then declared that they were selling their Generic branch to Teva Pharmaceuticals. It was sold for whopping 40.5 billion dollars. They have their biggest research and development facilities in Japan and USA.

What added advantages will Teva get from acquiring Actavis generic department? They aim at diversifying worldwide health care. They will achieve this by enhancing the quality of healthcare they provide to patients globally. Honestly speaking, this acquisition looks promising. Two of the biggest generic pharmaceutical manufacturers have come together. We expect that they will merge their strengths and provide even better products. What does the future hold? Only time will tell.