People order Phentermine online mainly because they see it as a convenient and sometimes the buyers also expect quick delivery and want to go with the fastest delivery service available. Reputed online drugstores offer the option to select from multiple shipping carriers. This is highly useful as it can help the buyer to decide how soon he or she wants the order to arrive.

Buyers can be from any location around the world or just someone from the US who is using an overseas pharmacy online. Whatever the case, the location of the buyer and the mail order pharmacy can affect the delivery times of the orders. If the medication is required with overnight or next day delivery then choosing the right online pharmacy and the shipping company matters a lot. Read on to see more about major shipping services available and which one would be suitable for fast delivery.

What are the shipping carriers available with online pharmacies?

There are very few shipping carriers that provide worldwide delivery services so that you can order Phentermine from any reputed online pharmacy. The following are the shipping carriers that internet pharmacies use to deliver the product in a timely manner to the customer:

  • FedEx – Operating primarily out of the US, this multinational delivery service provider offers its services globally. FedEx ships only certain drugs and you can check with the online pharmacy if your prescription can be shipped with this service provider or not. The average number days for delivery with this service provider are 1 to 3 business days.
  • DHL – This is yet another multinational delivery service provider that is known for delivering packages to even very remote locations. DHL too does not ship all medications and you will have to check with the online drugstore if they will ship your medication using this service provider or not. The delivery time taken is usually 1 to 5 business days on average.
  • USPS – The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides shipping services for all products and is the most commonly used within the US. The delivery time taken by this shipping carrier is typically 7 to 16 business days.
  • Regular Airmail – This shipping service can be used for all drugs ordered. The delivery time taken is about 14 to 21 business days.

Going by the delivery time taken by these four major shipping services it is easy to see that the buyer would have to choose FedEx or DHL services for fast delivery. However, these services may not be free and a shipping fee may be added. If you can wait for some days for the Phentermine medication to arrive then the other (usually free) services could be used.

How to get fast delivery when ordering Phentermine online?

If you do not want to pay extra for fast delivery then there are other ways to get the drugs quickly without paying too much or waiting too long. This is possible by choosing the right online pharmacy for placing the order. You can reach out to the online drugstore to see if they are located in the same country or have a distribution center near your location. If so, then the order can be quickly dispatched and you could even get next day delivery. Ordering in bulk can get the shipping fee waived off by the online pharmacy, so you can choose the fastest shipping carrier for your medication.