Phentermine is the leading diet pill in the US. It is very efficient when it comes to weight loss. Its popularity comes from the fact that it is both a stimulant and an appetite suppressant. It will give you the boost of energy you need while controlling your appetite at the same time. Phentermine ensures that you remain active in your daily routine, and also give you the ability to establish a healthier diet plan without having to worry about hunger or cravings. If one feels that they are not reaching the weight loss goals they had set, they should try out phentermine because it has worked for millions of other people with the same problem. The following post will help you understand how to get the pill online so that you can start your journey towards the phentermine success story (1).

History of Purchasing Phentermine Online

FDA approved the sale of Phentermine back in 1959, which was way before the internet. It was not until later in the 2000s that it became the popular weight loss drug. The advancement of technology, and the trend to make life more convenient and time-efficient led people to begin making online purchases for their medication. It was easier to fill out phentermine prescriptions from licensed online pharmacies as it saved on cost and time. It was most beneficial to the people who lived in remote areas and those who had busy schedules and could not fill their prescription out themselves.

Patients would make appointments with their doctors to receive their prescriptions and then use the “where to buy phentermine online” site to search for trusted online pharmacies where they could make their purchase. The method was convenient as buyers earned discounts and coupons which would further reduce cost. Just before the end of a prescription, the patient would have to make a follow-up appointment with the doctor to assess the progress of their weight loss program. Based on the doctor’s findings, the patient would then receive another prescription if need be.

Problems associated with buying phentermine online

Making phentermine available online gives customers the opportunity to benefit from the competitive pricing of different online pharmacies and added convenience. The popularity of phentermine and other diet pills motivated other merchandising websites to get into the business. The problem was that most of the tablets they sold to customers were not legal. FDA recommends that buyers should only purchase prescription medication from verified and licensed online pharmacies in the United States. However, due to the rising number of sellers on the internet, it became increasingly difficult to monitor and verify which of them were US-based. In addition to this, there are those sellers who were specifically targeting people who were looking to purchase phentermine without prescriptions. The information put out there in the market concerning dieting pills is confusing. People carry out false advertising, thus creating a lot of confusion over phentermine regulations. The deception is what leads people to purchase counterfeited drugs. Worse, there were cases where people paid for their prescriptions, but they never received them. There was also rising concern that patients, even those with prescribed orders, were able to access the drug rather easily. With a growing concern over the possible side effects and health risks of phentermine, people thought that it would be wise to monitor patients taking the medication more regularly.

The Current Situation

In the past, phentermine from online stores was easily accessible. However, the sale of weight loss medication has become more controlled over the years, and the online purchase of phentermine was phased out. It is now impossible to get phentermine online whether one has a prescription or not. It was said to be the best way to stop fraudulent sites from selling illegal or counterfeit drugs to buyers who were desperate to acquire the medication due to the discounts associated with it. The solution was also to prevent seemingly legitimate online pharmacies from duping people and dealing them counterfeit drugs. Patients seeking phentermine must now visit their local stores if they need the medication. Online purchase of the diet pill has become very risky. Nevertheless, with the continued advancement in technology, such as the online medical consultations, as well as the continually changing legislation concerning access to medication, there is a high likelihood that the laws and regulations against selling phentermine online might change as well in the coming years.

Even though it is no longer possible to get phentermine online, there are still a few sites out there that advertise the drug. Buyers should remain wary of sites that claim to have the real phentermine, or that one does not need a prescription to have it. These sites could be one of two things. First, they are websites based outside the US and conducting illegal operations which is why buyers should approach them with caution. Alternatively, they are websites advertising a phentermine alternative. The available substitutes for phentermine are weight loss supplements (2). They have no trace of phentermine in their ingredients and are readily available in online sources, even without a prescription. They vary in effectiveness and those selling them may claim they carry out different functions such as suppressing appetites, or burning fat.

What to Look for

If unable to get the phentermine pill, you can look for the alternatives they may have online. When choosing from a variety of weight loss supplements, always research on the active ingredients contained in the pills, as well as how they work. A trustworthy site should have a list of drug constituents and the quantity of each in the drugs you are about to buy. Also, check whether they have substantiated the claims they make about their products with clinical references. As an added reassurance, avoid sites that use auto-billing and confirm if they have a return policy in place (3).


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