Phentermine is taken to suppress appetite. By affecting the nervous system, this medication works to reduce the calories one takes in. When taken, phentermine makes the user feel full, even when only a small quantity of food is taken.

This drug is also useful to people suffering from obesity, high blood sugar, diabetes, high cholesterol among other medical conditions.

Is this medication for all?

Before taking phentermine, it is always advisable to consult a doctor. This drug may not be a good solution for everyone. For example, people with brain-related problems, heart diseases, liver problems, kidney problems, thyroid problems and any history of drug abuse should not use this medication. Also, women who are breastfeeding are advised against using phentermine.

If after consulting your doctor it is established that it is safe to use phentermine, you can then purchase the drug from any pharmacy using your prescription. Pregnant women are discouraged from using this drug as weight loss during pregnancy may have negative effects on the fetus. Do not use this drug alongside any other diet drug.


When shopping online for phentermine, always make use of an authorized portal. This will ensure that all the products and information you related to phentermine is of the highest quality. Phentermine can be taken safely with or without food. It is recommended that the drug is taken before the meal or within two hours of taking the meal.

In the case of the disintegrating tablet, allow the tablet to disintegrate in the mouth before swallowing. Overdosing on this medication is not recommended. Instead of speeding up weight loss, it would bring about problems that could end up being life-threatening.

This medication should not be used for a period exceeding one month. The sudden halting of the treatment using phentermine could bring about withdrawal symptoms. Before stopping the use of this drug, consult your doctor on how to safely do it.

Generic Phentermine

Phentermine is the generic name assigned to this drug. It costs much less than brand medication such as Suprenza, T-Diet, Oby-Cap, Adipex among others. Choosing a high-quality generic drug that is FDA approved will result in huge savings while still getting the same results as brand medication. However, before settling for generic medication, carry out research on the particular product and the manufacturer of the product.

The success rate of generic medication is just as high as that of brand medication. People settle for the generic version after having a look at the inactive ingredients contained in the drug. These inactive ingredients may bring about allergic reactions in some users.

Factors to consider when trying to lose weight

Sticking to the appropriate and prescribed dose of phentermine will help you start your weight loss at a faster rate. Before starting the treatment, consult your doctor for the best dose.

When it comes to weight loss, food plays an important role. Avoid foods that have high levels of fat. Phentermine will only yield positive results of a strict healthy diet regime is followed.

Incorporate exercise into the therapy. This will make the weight loss much faster. Stick to the prescribed duration for the best results.

Generic Phentermine VS Brand

All medications in the market have some kind of patent protection owned by the company that produces them. This patent works to ensure that other pharmaceutical companies do not produce that particular drug for a certain period of time, usually until the expiry of the patent. This is done to ensure that the investment made in developing the drug by a company is well protected.

Upon the expiry of the patent, other companies now have the necessary permission to produce their own version of the medication. This unbranded medication is referred to as generic medication. This is the case for phentermine. Generic phentermine pills are produced as a bioequivalent of branded phentermine 37.5 mg pills.

Every aspect of generic phentermine, including quality, dosage, intended use and strength of the medication is the same as that of branded phentermine pills. Among the various generic phentermine capsule names are E5882, E5000 and E5647.

Differences between brand and generic phentermine

In reality, there are almost no differences between brand and generic phentermine capsules. Both are designed to produce the same results on the user’s body. The active ingredients in brand phentermine are exactly the same as those in generic phentermine. However, there is a slight variation in the active ingredients added in each during the production of the medication.

So, what are the prime differences between these two variations?

  1. Branded phentermine contains inactive ingredients such as corn starch that is added to the phentermine hydrochloride for easy ingestability and artificial colors that improve the look of the medication and makes it recognizable.
  2. Brand Phentermine dietary medicines are in all cases bioequivalent to generic phentermine. Bioequivalence simply means that both brand and generic phentermine formulations have undergone careful examination and have been verified to be the same in terms of efficiency, safety, and bioavailability when the same dose is administered. The active ingredient, phentermine hydrochloride, is available in both versions in the same quantity and composition.
  3. Another difference is the inactive ingredients added to the different versions of phentermine. In as much as the actual dosage and capsule forms remain the same, the is a difference in the inactive components added to the phentermine compound. These inactive components are used to produce a range of diverse effects such as resin which reduces absorption of the active ingredient when mixed with phentermine hydrochloride.
  4. Every phentermine user has a unique physiology. This means that different users will display different reactions to the inactive ingredients present in brand phentermine. This means that brand phentermine may have slightly better results than generic phentermine for some users.
  5. As with all other medications, branded phentermine costs more than its generic counterpart. This pushes many people to choose generic phentermine as it produces the same results but at a much lower cost. This has made generic phentermine much more popular than brand phentermine.

At the end of the day, whichever you go for, brand or generic, the end result is in most cases the same. Both of these formulations are available in online pharmacies and can be bought conveniently.

What are the factors to look out for in an online pharmacy while ordering Phentermine?

There are various factors that need to be considered when you order Phentermine online. Considering the factors is an important step because you can avert receiving any fake pills. These days, there are various counterfeit online drugstores that furnish spurious diet medicines.  In order to get genuine meds, it is crucial that the internet pharmacy you choose is a legitimate one. A trustworthy pharmacy that works legally helps one to procure authentic pills. In this blog, you can find the different factors that have to be looked up on when you want to order the medication online.

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Check if the Phentermine pills are FDA approved

The most important factor to be considered when you want to purchase the weight loss pill Phentermine over the wired platform is that you need to check if the medicines have been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). It is mandatory for internet pharmacies to sell only those pills that have been FDA approved. If any site sells drugs which are not approved by FDA, then the particular site is to be considered as counterfeit.

Check if you are ordering from a licensed online pharmacy

All digital pharmacies have to be licensed in order to sell meds like Phentermine over the digital platform. Only licensed internet drugstores will be able to furnish you these pills. If any drugstore that claims to sell you authentic pills even if you discover that the site is not a licensed one, then it is high time for you to understand that it is not a legitimate one and neither does it operate in a legal manner.

Check if the online pharmacy has a VIPPS seal

Every online drugstore needs to have a VIPPS seal in order to sell medications over the digital platform. The VIPPS seal stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites seal, which means that those that have this seal are verified pharmacy sites and are considered safe to use. Therefore, you need to exercise caution and pay attention to all these criteria before you order your Phentermine pills. If you have got Phentermine from a store that has a , then you can be sure that you have obtained real Phentermine.

Check if the internet drugstore is verified by NABP

Pharmacy sites that operate over the internet medium are usually verified by NABP, which stands for National Association of Boards of Pharmacies. NABP is a watchdog which keeps monitoring for the activities of the internet drugstores and verifies sites according to their legality. It does not authorize any site that happens to furnish sham or adulterated pills online. So, if you find any site which is not authorized or verified by NABP, then you can be pretty sure that you have arrived at an illegitimate online pharmacy and that you need to stop using the site immediately.

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Do not go for Phentermine from sites that offer it for dirt cheap prices

After having checked for the aforementioned points, you also need to be aware of yet another factor that accounts to the authenticity of Phentermine. And that is to not purchase your pills from any internet pharmacy that pretends to be selling genuine pills for a very low price. Remember, those sites will only be dispelling you low quality meds.